No matter how far technology advances, the engineer remains the single most important ingredient.

While I embrace the latest formats, I never forget the tried and true. That’s a perspective that can only be gained from thousands of hours in the studio as a musician and an engineer.



Pro-Tools HD /Mac Pro/(2) Cinema Displays

Focusrite Mic Pre Amps

T.C. Electronics M5000

Geffel/Neumann/Sennheiser/RCA/EV/Shure mics

Tannoy Monitors/NS10M’s (secondary)/M Audio BX5 (surround)

Soundcraft 6000B Mixing Desk (Mix in the box or on the desk)

Summit DCL200 & DBX 165 Compressors

Summit Tube Eq

Otari DTR90/DTR8 DAT Recorder

Hafler Power

Full Compliment of MIDI & Sequencing (MOTU)

Gibson/Fender/Gretsch/Rickenbacker/Ibanez/Hofner/Taylor Guitars

Vox/Fender/Marshal Amps